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Partnership of Hope

A diagnosis of a brain tumor does not mean you give up hope.


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What Is Hope?

Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance; ie, believing that a positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary.

A person who dreads 'what tomorrow may bring' loses the zeal of life itself. He cannot live in the present even for one day. I do not agree that 'any person can fight the battles of just one day.' There are many in the world who fight their battles life long, and still live with some hope.

It is nice to live for today and complete what is to be done today. But humans are distinguished from the rest of the living beings by hope. For other living beings, there may not be tomorrow. But hope is life for humans. Tomorrow may not come for a few. But the others are sure that there will be a day after the present one. And it is hoped by many to be a little better than today. What is not realized today may be within our reach tomorrow. It is hope that helps people live through all torments of life. The moment a person loses hope, the very zeal to live is lost. Hope means many things to different people, and here at ANS we strive to fulfill your definition of hope while treating your illness.

About Partnership of Hope

The Partnership of Hope was created in 2012 when ANS was approached by a patient’s wife, who described her journey through the process of her husband’s battle
with a brain tumor. Here at ANS we have always had the belief that hope is the most important trait to keep when facing struggles with health problems. With hope, along with the best medical care team, miracles of healing can occur. When we discussed this belief, we decided to create a “Partnership of Hope” that aligns the patient and the doctor with one common goal, which is a cure — and if a cure is not possible, the hope to face the illness with strength, dignity, and peace. The Partnership of Hope group gets together each month to exchange personal stories about individual journeys through their illness. The group is truly a support group and when we get together we talk, cry, eat, but mostly we laugh and enjoy each other as people, not an illness. We celebrate each life, not each disease. Each month we have a guest speaker who brings the group a fun way to face the struggles of fighting an illness.

Volunteers work outside of the meeting to accommodate the everyday needs of patients who are not able to care for themselves. Partnership of Hope offers patients transportation to doctors appointments, prepared meals, child care, grocery shopping, additional counseling and more. This group normally meets monthly on the fourth Thursday each month.

We welcome you to our support family and invite you each month to share with us all your life, struggles, and belief in hope…

Please call our dedicated brain tumor support hotline at 855-267-2667 to answer any questions about the group or to attend the next monthly gathering. You can
also visit our blog at

The ANS staff pulls together in the spirit of giving for patients in a time of need.

Group Calendar

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