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    Choosing a surgeon to spearhead your scoliosis treatment can be difficult, but Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists offers comprehensive, trustworthy care that can help you reduce spinal curvature and reclaim your mobility.

    What Is Scoliosis?

    Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that often manifests following a childhood growth spurt, typically pre-puberty, though adults can also develop scoliosis as a result of disc degeneration. Mild forms of scoliosis may require ongoing monitoring, but more serious cases can be debilitating. When scoliosis becomes severe, the excessive spinal curvature may be disabling, affecting movement and restricting essential lung function, reducing your ability to breathe.

    Symptoms of scoliosis include:

    • Uneven hip and/or waist alignment
    • Uneven shoulders
    • Shoulder blades of unequal prominence
    • Twist or rotation of the spine
    • Protruding ribs due to spinal curvature

    Advanced scoliosis is often painful, but progress is so gradual children may not recognize or report discomfort in the condition’s earlier stages.

    Scoliosis Treatment Options

    Though back braces may be used to help prevent mild scoliosis from progressing, more advanced curvature requires surgical intervention. Your surgical team will use multiple screws or hooks as well as bone grafts or bone graft substitutes to decrease the curvature of your spine and reconfigure the vertebrae.

    There are three types of grafts:

    • Autograft: Bone harvested from the patient’s iliac crest
    • Allograft: Donated bone from a bone bank
    • Bone Graft Substitute: Alternatives such as demineralized bone, bone morphogenetic protein or ceramic extenders

    When performed by a skilled surgeon, scoliosis surgery can reduce spinal curvature by more than 50 percent, restoring the patient’s quality of life and minimizing discomfort in the process.

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    ANS has been treating patients in the Morristown, Jefferson, Neptune, Teaneck and Summit, New Jersey, areas for more than 50 years, providing unparalleled care and innovative treatments for those in need of spinal intervention. Our Spine Center is home to board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons dedicated to the study, development and implementation of complex and minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques.

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